Lima: A little bit of everything right around the corner.

Do you have a limited amount of time but want to make the most out of your stay in Lima, Peru? Below we’ve compiled a few of the “Must See” destinations and experiences to make your stay in Lima the very best it can be.

Visit the Historical Center:

As one of Lima’s top tourist destinations, the Plaza de Armas is a must see destination during your stay. Also known as Plaza Mayor, here you will find many prime photo opportunities, ranging from the Government Palace, home to the President of Peru, or to the Lima Cathedral, which houses the tomb of Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition that conquered the Inca Empire. Lima’s Plaza de Armas is the perfect place to spend some time while visiting this beautiful city.

Sample the local Cuisine:

As the culinary capital of South America, Lima offers some of the coolest and most unique dining experiences you can find. Looking for a little adventure? With multiple locations including one in the Miraflores district, “Amaz Restaurante” is the perfect place to dine on some Giant Amazonian Snails, served directly in their shell. Heard about the Ceviche? If you’ve spent your daily food budget on the Giant Snails, try visiting the Mercado de Surquill, a local market offering an authentic Ceviche experience at a cost anyone can enjoy. Still haven’t crossed Cuy off the list? Don’t be afraid, try the Guinea Pig, sold at a restaurant near you.

Looking for some Adventure?:

Try some of the Free Walking Tours, most of which run on a “donation friendly” basis, some even serve a free beer! Tired of walking? Hit the skies with one of Lima’s Paragliding tour operators and see everything from up high, look to spend about 150-200 soles for 10-15min, complete with instructor and video recording of your flight. And of course, there’s Surfing, with 250 kilometers of surf there are plenty of options for beginners to experts alike,  conditions are most favorable from May – August.

Bring on the weird stuff:

Try visiting the Catacumbas, an underground burial site originally used by the more privileged of Lima in burying their dead. Home to some 25,000 bodies, these sites were designed to help contain infectious diseases brought over by Europeans back in the 16th century. Still, haven’t had enough? Welcome to the Larco Museum, home to many archaeological treasures, including a room called “The Erotic Room”, which houses many very unique clay figures in very unique positions, as well as many ceramics depicting scenes you might shield your children’s eyes over.

Whether you came for the sights, the cuisine, the adventure, or the oddities, Lima has you covered with a little bit of everything right around the corner.

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