Private Tour vs. Group Tour

Peru & U offers all kind of tours including private, small groups or big groups service for you to choose the most suitable option.

A Group service tour means that you and your party will be part of a larger group. This is a great opportunity to meet people as you are traveling and the cost is lower as it is divided among many passengers. However, in Group service you will have less flexibility once you are on the tour, as logistics take more time with a larger group. In addition, you may not have as much time to ask questions to the guide or get as personalized attention.

If you opt for Private service (Upon Request), you and your party will have your own personal guide and driver. This allows you to have more time to ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with your tour completely. Private service is also more flexible, for example, if you want to stay for a bit longer at a site you can because it is just your party’s time. However, Private service is, in general, more expensive as there are fewer people to split the cost – unless you have a large enough party then the cost might be the same!

No matter what option you choose, you will receive a high-quality tour that Peru & U guarantees you will be happy with.

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