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Our Peru & U family and Inca Trail team is comprised of many highly qualified guides, chefs, and porters very talented and that also possess great customer service combine to give you an unforgettable, stress-free trek. Our guides are some of the most experienced in Peru and will ensure that you learn a lot from your trek as they share their incredible knowledge of natural surroundings and archeological sites that you will encounter through the Inca Trail. Our amazing chefs make trail food so delicious you will forget you are miles away from civilization and eating in a tent. They create meals such as typical Peruvian dishes, spaghetti, and more. The porters are truly the back-bone of any Inca Trail trek as they carry all of the necessary equipment such as camping tents and the equipment. At Peru & U we are very mindful of how our porters are treated and ensure they carry only the legal limit and are paid properly, as many other companies take care of these strong people.

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